Who We Are and What We Do

CTS provides Colorado entrepreneurs, start-ups, & enterprise-level
clients with electronics prototyping, PCB assembly, &
manufacturing services

Who We Are and What We Do

CTS provides Colorado entrepreneurs, start-ups, & enterprise-level
clients with electronics prototyping, PCB assembly, &
manufacturing services

Who We Are and What We Do

CTS provides Colorado entrepreneurs, start-ups, & enterprise-level
clients with electronics prototyping, PCB assembly, &
manufacturing services

Whether a one-time project or ongoing customer needs, Colorado Tech Shop supports you
throughout the entire Product Development Lifecycle, from vision to full commercialization.
From your initial Concept and Prototyping through Assembly,
Manufacturing, and Testing, all the way to end-user Fulfillment.

Meet The CTS Team



With over two decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, Heidi brings her creativity, diverse knowledge and dynamic results-oriented approach to every part of CTS!

What I love about working for CTS I love how flexible, loyal and dependable our entire team is. I love that every day is something new and different and something else to figure out how to build or improve.



Co-Founder & President

With over a decade in Operations Management and Business Development, Iain brings his sharp mind, quick wit and great communication to the leadership of CTS and keeps us growing fast!

What I love about working for CTS

I love what we have created at CTS over the last few years. The people we have are the best team I’ve ever worked with and we all look out for each other. Things are not always easy but there’s nowhere else I’d rather be, shoulder to shoulder with the team, building from humble beginnings to a company and culture that I’m truly proud of being a part of.


Operations Manager

Luis is one of the most resourceful men on the planet and with over 2 decades specializing in electronics manufacturing, we are very lucky that he calls CTS home!

What I love about working for CTSI’ve spent more than 2 decades in the electronics manufacturing sector and I can truly say CTS is unlike any manufacturer I’ve worked for in the past. Business is always handled in a responsible way and it’s easy to perceive it’s about people and relationships more than it is about profit. Every business likes to believe they can create an environment their staff will love and be attached to, but cave in when the pressure is great.

The environment is friendly, healthy and challenging. I feel my input is valued and I can truly make a difference for my co-workers and for our clients. It’s a warm feeling when your boss is also your friend!



Lead Machine Programming Engineer

Never a machine he couldn’t tame, Jorge is a true wizard at the helm of a PCB pick and place, oven, stencil printer, time machine, teleportation device, and hoverboard. A true tech whisperer!

What I love about working for CTSI think we have a great team and working environment.


Mary Anne

Advanced PCB Technician

With a quick wit, broad, strong skill set and insanely positive attitude, MaryAnn brings a wealth of experience to our growing team. Plus, it’s fun to see what color her hair will be that week!

What I love about working for CTSI love CTS because it’s not just an everyday job! It’s a place to look forward to after waking up…it’s home. I say this because CTS is my family and I am theirs, CTS encourages us to be stronger and healthier and also to think on a different level. I love everything about my job and I feel our bosses are pretty much the best there are out there!



Advanced PCB Technician

Known affectionately within the CTS office and Grand Mother, Kathy keep us all in line, and performing at our best! The mold was certainly broken with Kathy, as never has a finer work ethic been shown anywhere on earth!

What I love about working for CTSThey let me work the hours I want because I like to come in very early. I have great bosses, they work with you at all times with family troubles and all things in general. Heidi and Joe are wonderful people to work for, they always have your back, as I do for them.



Lead Testing Technician

With a diverse background focused on IT and high tech industries, Andrew can fix it, build it, strip it, ship it and make it call you Daddy ! His diverse skill set is a huge asset to our team!

What I love about working for CTSI love the challenge, the environment and the people I get to work with. It ‘s not a conventional job , there is room to improvise and challenge yourself and lots of flexibility. There is also a sense of community and family, I have never worked for a company where I felt part of a family.



Advanced Mechanical Assembler

Equally at peace on either a PCB assembly line or a Yoga mat, Alex brings the OM to our CTS hOMe. Always a pillar of bliss and joy, the positive energy and mechanical talent Alex brings to the office day in and day out is equal-to-none!

What I love about working for CTS

We are a family here, not just numbered employees on a line. I like that we have new and constantly challenging work, which keeps the day to day fun and interesting. Everyone here are the best bunch of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!


Advanced Mechanical Assembler

Grill Master Extraordinaire. The People’s Champ. Captain of Industry. Smiles for Miles. Chris is known by many names here at CTS, but only one thing is for certain- his unparalleled tech assembly skills are best in the game!

What I love about working for CTS

In my time at CTS, I know this is the type of environment where I would thrive! I love the energy in my workplace, my co-workers collaborating with each other makes it always busy and upbeat. I think this reflects on the company’s egalitarian values. I really like the idea of having co-workers contributing ideas at every level. I’m truly honored to be with such a great team!

CTS Culture

 “Culture is not what you say, but rather what you do” 

CTS Rocks! Infused within every on-time, on-budget product delivery is an underlying spirit of fun and excitement which stems from CTS’s steadfast commitment to personal health and wellbeing. Weekly activities include:


Team Cookout

Wine & Cheese
Friday Night


Personal Trainer

Our mission is to provide technical solutions that are responsive to our clients’ needs in an innovative, cost effective, professional, quality service manner. Achieving business objectives is the result of an empowered, values driven work force which is motivated to succeed.

Our common values define a culture where our people are set free to be the best they can be.  We trust them to adhere to our high standards and to care for you like family. They define an environment where we empower them to respond quickly to client needs, to discover new ways to solve problems and to make responsible decisions on behalf of the company and their clients.  This freedom and responsibility, coupled with our kind and ingenious employees at the top of their game, is what gives CTS our powerful competitive advantage.



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