LONGMONT — The Longmont Economic Development Partnership has honored five Longmont business with Cornerstone Awards in recognition of their contributions to the economic health of the community over the past year. The awards were presented Wednesday during an evening ceremony. This year‘s awards included a Primary job Creator Award. Project of the Year Award. A Rising Star Award. Local Business Award. and Startup Award. The Local Business and Startup award winners were selected in collaboration with Advance Longmont Partner organizations that included TinkerMill. Startup Longmont. Boulder Small Business Development Center, Longmont Downtown Development Authority. and Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce. The 2016 Cornerstone Awards winners are: Primary Job Creator Award: Intel Corp. “Intel may be known for their processors, but they do so much more.” the EDP said in a press release. “They push the boundaries ofsmart and connect tethnologyto make amazing experiences possible for every person on Earth. From powering the latest devices and the cloud you depend on, to driving polity. diversity, sustainability. and education, Intel creates value for their stockholders. customers, and society. Intel was awarded the Primaryjob Creator Award based on their net newjob creation in 2016.” Project of the Year Award: BC Services “For more than 80 years. BC Services has helped businesses succeed by providing professional and effective management of their accounts receivable,” the EDP said. “To help ensure you receive prompt payment for services rendered, BC Services acts as an extension ofyour accounts receivable department. They can manage your entire billing process from date ofservice through billing and ultimately account resolution. BC Services was awarded the Project of the Year Award based on having the highest capital Investment hya primary Industry business In 2016.” A Rising Star Award: Premium Powder Coating “Premium Pawder Coating is the largest coating shop in Colorado,” according to the EDP release. “They offer an assortment of professional services in addition to power coating that includes all types of media blasting, such as steel grit, glass bead, sand blasting, chemical pretreatment and more, as well as rhino lining for trucks and trailers. Rising Star nominees are primary industry businesses with 50 employees or less with a high potential for grown. Premium Powder Coating was awarded the Rising Star Award based on their net newjob creation in 2016.” Local Business Award: Journey Language Center “Journey Language Center provides a unique alternative to language services,” the EDP said. ‘Their lessons provide a harmonic balance between conversation and interactive exercises. This means less chalkboard memorization and more listening, interacting, and speaking in a new language. Besides group, private, and tutoring lessons, they also offer translation, interpretation, and study abroad services. Journey Language Center was selected as the winner by a committee that also included representatives from Longmont EDP, Boulder SBDC, Longmont Downtown Development Authority. and Longmont Chamber of Commerce based on their community involvement. capital investment and job creation among a diverse base of employees in Longmont.” Startup Award: Colorado Tech Shop “Colorado Tech Shop provides leading electrical product design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly services to a wide range of Industries Including telecommunications. IT, health, solar energy. hospitality and fitness,” according to the EDP. ”From concept, prototyping and low-run component manufacturing to turn-key solutions. life cycle management and end user fulfillment. Colorado Tech Shop strives to partner with you and deliver the right solution for your business and your long-term success. Colorado Tech Shop was selected as the winner by a committee that also included representatives from Longmont EDP. Boulder SBDC, TinkerMiII and stamp Longmont based on their high potential for growth.‘
“2016 was an incredible year for economic development in Longmont.” Longmont EDP president Jessica Erickson said in a prepared statemenL “Locally we experienced unprecedentedjob creation and economic growth in 2016. and last night’s Cornerstone winners exemplify what has over the last several years evolved into a diverse and highly innovative business community here in Longmont.”

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