Colorado Tech Shop offers a full cycle solution for design, engineering, manufacturing, and fulfillment on a scale that benefits small to medium-sized businesses. The company offers a flexible approach to help bring new products to market, as well as providing a long term manufacturing solution to established companies that want quality local production.

“We find that when your design, engineering, procurement, and production needs are all under one roof and being managed by one team/company, the result is a streamlined approach, which is more efficient in cost and time and leading to less stress overall” owner and CEO Katie Hedrick says.

The company also specializes in quick turn prototype manufacturing, a service many larger shops have discontinued. “Colorado Tech Shop holds at its core a desire to form long standing, mutually profitable relationships with other Colorado-based enterprises and grow with them, something that generally doesn’t fit the model offered by larger, established manufacturers in our sector,” Hedrick says. The company pampers its employees with Pizza Fridays and services from other woman-owned businesses, such as yoga and massages. Flexible work schedules accommodate each individual’s requirements wherever possible.

Colorado Tech Shop is a member of Longmont Economic Development Partnership’s Perspectives Group. Which aims to help foster growth and camaraderie among city businesses through mentoring.

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